Please tell me more about Go-Ahead Singapore.

Go-Ahead Singapore is a leading local public transport provider and subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group, a UK transport operator which enables more than one billion journeys a year. Go-Ahead Singapore operates independently as an autonomous, self-contained business with the opportunity to tap on the three decades of public transport experience that its parent organisation offers. 

Since you are part of the Go-Ahead Group, a UK transport operator, will I start seeing London Bus Captains in Singapore?

The majority of our employees, Bus Captains and others, are locals and are trained locally. We look forward to seamlessly integrating our global expertise with a focus on the local neighbourhood, to provide you with excellent service quality in every journey you take with us. 

With four private transport operators now, and the move towards colouring all buses Lush Green, how would i know which are operated by Go-Ahead?

Spot our distinct logo at the sides and back of our buses, depicting a lion's head and bearing the name Go-Ahead Singapore. Our Bus Captains are dressed in vibrant red uniforms with a yellow strip down the sides, you certainly will not miss spotting them.

This is my first time travelling on a public bus, what do I need to know?

Welcome! You'll be pleased to find all the information you require, such as how fares are calculated, how to use a stored value card or what to do in an event of a breakdown on the Transitlink website.  

Your buses sometimes arrive ahead or behind schedule, why do they not adhere to the scheduled arrival times stipulated at bus stops?

Schedules are planned based on usual traffic conditions throughout the day, however these can vary frequently with exceptionally smooth or congested roads. Our control centre personnel are regularly communicating with Bus Captains to regulate speed and avoid bus bunching or a long headway, this sometimes results in the buses deviating from their scheduled arrival times. 

Why do certain bus service numbers end with the letter A or B?

These services, for example 17A, represent short working trips which are supplementary trips introduced to facilitate the high demand sectors along a particular route. For any service exceeding one short trip along the same route, it will be differentiated with the next alphabet, B. 

I ran after a bus today but the Bus Captain did not allow me to board although he saw me trying to catch the bus, why is this so?

It is compulsory for all our Bus Captains to stop the bus and allow commuters to board if they can see commuters approaching and the bus is still positioned within the bus stop bay. However, for safety reasons, Bus Captains have been advised not to stop for alighting or boarding activity if the bus has already moved out of the bus stop bay, even if it is still within the bus lane. Commuters are strongly advised to avoid running after a bus but instead wait for the arrival of the next bus, for their own personal safety.

Is my child entitled to concession fares and how much will these be?

Children under the age of seven, a child of height up to 0.9m accompanied by a fare-paying adult, and a child above 0.9m in height with a valid Child Concession Card, can travel for free on all bus and train services, except for NightRider and Premium bus services. 

For more information on the Child Concession Card, please refer to the Transitlink website.

For more information on child/student concession cares, please refer to the Transitlink website.

How do I request for a refund when my fare has been incorrectly deducted?

Please file your claim through the Transitlink website, or call 1800-2255 663 for more information on the refund procedure. 

Can I bring along my foldable bicycle or Personal Mobility Device (PMD) when taking a ride on the bus?

Of course, commuters are permitted to bring their foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMD) of up to 120cm by 70cm by 40cm on board buses at all hours of the day. 

Key Rules:

  • Observe the stipulated size limit
  • Only one foldable bicycle or PMD is allowed on a bus at any one time
  • Switch off the device 
  • Cover or retract dirty wheels and other protruding parts
  • Device is not allowed on the upper deck of the bus
  • Always keep device folded when in bus interchanges/terminals and on board buses

I would like to know how many Wheelchair-Accessible Bus (WAB) services does Go-Ahead operate?

All our bus services are wheelchair-accessible to better serve the needs of passengers-in-wheelchairs and provide them with greater accessibility. 

I will be commuting by bus with my young child, can I breastfeed en route if the need arises?

For the safety of you and your child, we strongly encourage you to breastfeed before boarding our buses. However, we understand that your child may need to be fed under certain urgent circumstances. If this is the case, please approach our Bus Captain or ground staff for assistance. 

I have a question that has not been answered here, is there anyone I can speak to about it?

Yes, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please give our customer service team a call at 6812 6458 anytime between 7.30am to 8pm daily. Alternatively, you can leave your feedback or enquiry through our contact form.