$5000 Prize for Go-Ahead Singapore's Top Performing Bus Captain

28 March 2018 - A year since the introduction of a telematics system designed to encourage even safer, smoother and more fuel-efficient roadcraft, Go-Ahead Singapore today released details of its inaugural 'Driver of the Year' Award at an event held at Loyang Bus Depot. A total of 40 Bus Captains (BCs) were acknowledged at the ceremony, hosted by David Cutts, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Singapore.

First place was taken by 30-year-old Vijaya Kumar. Mr Kumar joined Go-Ahead Singapore in June 2016 with experience from another public transport operator. He was further trained in-house and this achievement comes less than a year after he got acquainted with GreenRoad Telematics (GRT). 

Mr Kumar's award, sponsored by GRT, is worth approximately $5000 and includes an all-expenses-paid holiday to Club Med Bintan for him and three others. He is also the proud owner of a brand new 256GB iPhone 8+ and $300 cash. Commenting on his success, Mr Kumar said: "I love serving the public and am honoured to receive such an accolade. My family and I are very much looking forward to an unexpected holiday." David Cutts, Managing Director, added: "Vijaya showcases the very best of Loyang. Along with a number of other colleagues, he delivers exceptional performance every day and we are very happy to recognise such magnificent achievement."

BCs ranked second and third were both pleased to receive a brand new 256GB iPhone 8+ and $300 cash. The remaining top 37 BCs took home cash prizes ranging between $100 and $300. 

All recipients of Go-Ahead Singapore's first 'Driver of the Year' Award were additionally given a specially designed bronze collar pin, which will be upgraded to silver and gold if they continue to rank over the coming years consecutively. 

Those who made the shortlist were evaluated against strict judging criteria, based on the following:

  • GRT - fitted to all Go-Ahead Singapore buses, it constantly monitors driver performance and provides a range of relevant and easily understood information to both the BC (via a phone application) and company (through a range of reports). As a result, excellent behaviour is recognised, while colleagues in need of assistance can be more easily identified with targeted training.
  • Visions and Values - Go-Ahead Singapore sets a number of additional criteria that colleagues must pass when being judged. These include being accident-free, with no traffic offences or complaints over the preceding 12 months.
  • By considering various criteria, the company ensures it is not wholly reliant on a single information source and that it considers a range of relevant factors when determining the shortlist. As part of their WSQ training, all 820 BCs are taught about the GRT device and are required to use it as part of their duties. 


For media queries, please contact media@go-aheadsingapore.com.

                       Above - Specially designed bronze collar pins presented to recipients

             Above - GAS Outstanding Driver 2017, with Vijaya Kumar A/L Sandarajan, with David Cutts