Go-Ahead Singapore unveils new employment terms for Loyang Bus Package

15 February 2016, Singapore – Today, Go-Ahead Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU), outlining terms of its new employment offering for bus captains under the Loyang Bus Package.

Go-Ahead Singapore is offering competitive pay, performance- and retention-related incentives, and other family and maternity benefits. Furthermore, Go-Ahead Singapore bus captains will focus on driving and customer service skills without additional duties such as refuelling or cleaning. Upon returning a bus to the depot, they will be encouraged to rest or spend time exploring new learning and development opportunities. 

Signed by Nigel Wood, Managing Director, Go-Ahead Singapore, and the representatives from NTWU, the MOU agreement provides for enhanced welfare and benefits. Bus captains will also have opportunities for training and development, as a way of collectively uplifting the industry and workforce.

“I started off as a bus driver in London 21 years ago and can relate to the aspirations of frontline service personnel,” said Mr Wood. “Many wish to provide for themselves and their families, to work in a comfortable and nurturing environment, and to be given opportunities to grow. We have developed an employment package in close consultation with the union,” he added.

As announced today, key highlights of Go-Ahead Singapore’s employment package include:

  • 1. Competitive salary: Singapore bus captains will be offered a minimum basic starting salary of S$1,865 per month.
  • 2. Cash bonuses: A $2,000 sign-on bonus will be offered to experienced bus captains as well as a one-time S$1,000 retention bonus for all joiners.
  • 3. Performance-related incentives: Bonus payments will be awarded based on accomplishments in providing safe, reliable and comfortable bus journeys.
  • 4. Flexible benefits: To encourage personal wellbeing and development, bus captains will be provided an annual allowance starting at S$430 per year that can be spent on a range of health and wellness, learning and development, and leisure programmes best suited to each individual’s needs.
  • 5. Increased maternity and family care leave: Female employees will receive up to 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. All employees will receive two days of elder care leave per year.
  • 6. Free transport: Bus captains will be provided with island-wide travel concessions for rides on public bus and MRT services.
  • 7. Career progression opportunities: Bus captains of Go-Ahead Singapore will be given the opportunity to upgrade their skills through training programmes, and for career advancement.
  • 8. Specialised job scope: Bus captains will specialise in driving and customer service ensuring a safe, reliable and comfortable bus journey. This is to ensure that they can focus on core skills.

“We are committed to growing and sustaining our workforce in Singapore for the long term. Go-Ahead Singapore’s employee value proposition goes beyond providing competitive pay and benefits packages. Taking care of our employees’ daily needs and well-being at work is something we pay great attention Page 2 of 2 to,” shared Wang Poon Liang, HR Director, Go-Ahead Singapore. “Our culture is much like that of a family. We hope others will recognise that this is what distinguishes us and that they will be part of the exciting new changes we hope to bring to Singapore’s public transportation system.” 

In a bid to enhance the working environment for staff, the company is in the process of fitting out the new Loyang Depot, which when completed, will feature modern facilities including comfortable airconditioned crew areas and training rooms.

With this, Go-Ahead Singapore is set to roll out the first of its new bus services in the third quarter this year. Recruitment will commence this month, first in an engagement with the affected bus captains over a series of group and one-on-one sessions, and then with other candidates interested to join the Go- Ahead Singapore family. The company aims to hire approximately 700 bus drivers to run a network of 25 bus routes across Changi, Pasir Ris, Punggol and Loyang by third quarter 2016.

Mr Wood shared, “We are focused. Our primary duty is to deliver quality public bus service and to build an engaged team of individuals. Building our Singapore operations will take time, but the first priority will be on the people we hire.” 


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About Go-Ahead Singapore

Go-Ahead Singapore is a new bus operating company devoted to delivering safe, reliable and friendly services for commuters in Singapore. From September 2016, it has begun operating 24 bus routes and another one from 2017 in the Loyang district for a period of five years under the new Bus Contracting Model. These services will operate out of the Loyang Bus Depot, and serve areas including Pasir Ris, Punggol, Changi, Tampines, Bedok and Sengkang. In addition, Go-Ahead Singapore will manage the Pasir Ris and Punggol bus interchanges.

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