Temporary Staff Agreement between Go-Ahead Singapore (GAS), SBS Transit and SMRT Buses

20 September 2016 - Go-Ahead Singapore today announced that it has entered into short-term sub-contracting arrangements with SBS Transit and SMRT Buses. As a result, 30 SBS Transit Bus Captains will be deployed at Loyang Depot from tomorrow (Wednesday 21 September 2016) for approximately two months to drive Services 358 and 359.  In addition, SMRT is sending 10 BCs to assist GAS.

GAS requested this arrangement as it is temporarily short of Bus Captains. This is predominantly due to higher than expected staff attrition and the fine tuning of its schedules. The company added that it currently has 38 Bus Captains due to enter service over the coming weeks and that it is actively sourcing for and recruiting more Bus Captains.

David Cutts, GAS Deputy Chairman, said: “This move is about ensuring commuters continue to receive a service they can rely on. I am grateful to SBS Transit and SMRT Buses for their support and we will work towards recruiting and training more Bus Captains so as to take care of the journeys of commuters.”


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About Go-Ahead Singapore

Go-Ahead Singapore is a new bus operating company devoted to delivering safe, reliable and friendly services for commuters in Singapore. From September 2016, it has begun operating 24 bus routes and another one from 2017 in the Loyang district for a period of five years under the new Bus Contracting Model. These services will operate out of the Loyang Bus Depot, and serve areas including Pasir Ris, Punggol, Changi, Tampines, Bedok and Sengkang. In addition, Go-Ahead Singapore will manage the Pasir Ris and Punggol bus interchanges.

Go-Ahead Singapore is a subsidiary of The Go-Ahead Group plc, one of the UK's leading public transport providers with more than a billion passenger journeys made on its services each year.